PRYSMIAN Solar cables TECSUN (PV) H1Z2Z2-K are intended for use in Photovoltaic Power Supply Systems: Indoor and/or outdoor, in industrial and agriculture fields. They are suitable for applications in/at equipment with protective insulation (Protecting Class II), in explosion hazard areas (PRYSMIAN Internal Testing) and may be installed as fixed or freely suspended or free movable. Installation in cable trays, conduits, on and in walls is permissible.

TECSUN(PV) H1Z2Z2-K cables are suitable for direct burial (PRYSMIAN Internal Testing). The cables are designed to operate at a normal maximum conductor temperature of 90 °C, but for a maximum of 20 000 hours a max. conductor temperature of 120 °C at a max. ambient temperature of 90 °C is permitted. The version TECSUN(PV) (C) H1Z2Z2-K has an additional metallic screen braid, made of tinner copper wires, as a protective element against rodents or impact.