CONTROL CABLE 0.6/1kV 12 & 10 AWG armored and sheathed

Bostrig™ Type P Marine and Offshore Cable is primarily designed for power, control, signal, and instrumentation
applications for marine vessels, offshore and land drilling rigs, and offshore production facilities.

Bostrig™ cables have excellent resistance to oil, abrasion, moisture, vibration, sunlight, and ester based mud (Type P- MR). They are suitable for use in Class 1, Division 1 offshore applications (armored and sheathed).

The standard insulation has a continuous operating temperature of 125°C, allowing for higher ampacity levels. These cables also meet cold bend requirements of -40°C and cold impact of -35°C (CSA 22.2 N0. 0.3).

This product may be manufactured in an unarmored or armored and sheathed version.